34a High St, Winslow, MK18 3HB

NEW Treatment – Liquid Facelift’s are here!

34a High St, Winslow, MK18 3HB

NEW Treatment – Liquid Facelift!

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Facial Aesthetics & Skin Clinic in Milton Keynes & Hitchin

PureMed Aesthetics is a private clinic that offers facial aesthetics, skin cosmetic treatments and Radiofrequency (RF) & Microneedling skin tightening at our skin clinics in Buckingham and Hitchin. We go the extra mile to make you look and feel good and our team is dedicated to helping you achieve a transformation from dull, tired looking skin to natural, fresh and healthy skin that glows.

How long have we been practicing?

We were formed back in 2011 by Nafisa Mughal and were previously known as Medimakup, before we re-branded to PureMed Aesthetics as we focused more on cosmetic facial treatments and skin cosmetics, to meet the needs of our customers.

What treatments do we offer?

We offer a range of treatments such as Microneedling, Dermaplaning and dermal fillers in Milton Keynes. We also free Botox® consultations and anti-ageing treatments in Milton Keynes, as well Radiofrequency (RF) & Microneedling skin tightening using our brand new state-of-the-art machine!

Where did we train in facial aesthetics?

Nafisa is our lead clinical practitioner and she trained in non-surgical facial aesthetics at London’s famous Harley Street. Nafisa has been helping customers look good and feel better about themselves since 2011.

How safe are our treatments?

All of the treatments at PureMed Aesthetics are carried out in a safe and relaxed environment and comply with UK regulations. We take the time to get to know you, your face and what YOU want and understand that everyone is unique.

What areas do we cover?

PureMed Aesthetics has skin clinics in Buckingham (Winslow) and Hitchin. Our clients come from all over the home counties, including patients looking for skin clinics in Milton Keynes.

What other services do we offer?

Nafisa also works as a trainer and mentor, providing training in facial aesthetics for dental hygienists/therapists, dentists, doctors and nurses. She works closely with The Botulinum Toxin Club and is committed to providing excellent education, training and resources so that her students will thrive.

Are you looking for a skin clinic in Milton Keynes or Hitchin?

Nafisa is a dental hygienist of 12 years with advanced facial aesthetics training certificates in the following areas:

RF / Microneedling Skin Tightening

Our innovative new skin tightening machine reverses the ageing process leaving the surface looking more youthful and  less wrinkled.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

We offer free consultations for anti-wrinkle treatments which can help to stop lines and wrinkles from occurring for up to 4 months.

Dermal Fillers in Milton Keynes

Dermal fillers are a gel like product that are injected into areas of the face and lips to help with volume loss, sagging, tightening, and plumping.

Dermaplaning in Milton Keynes

Dermaplaning is a treatment that involves gently scraping the surface of your skin to remove dead skin and can help your skin feel extremely soft.

Microneedling in Milton Keynes

Microneedling is a a procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin and helps your body start to rebuild its collagen and reduce scarring.

WOW Fusion in Milton Keynes

This innovative treatment combines collagen regeneration with tailor-made skin boosting cocktails for firmer and smoother skin that glows.

How can PureMed Aesthetics help you?

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Skin Cosmetics Treatments

Skin Tightening

Skincare Products 

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