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NEW Treatment – Liquid Facelift’s are here!

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NEW Treatment – Liquid Facelift!

WOW Fusion treatments in Milton Keynes & Hitchin

WOW Fusion – the Ultimate skin treatment

.PureMed Aesthetics are WOW Fusion approved practitioners, offering WOW Fusion in Milton Keynes and Hitchin from just £180.00.

What is WOW Fusion? WOW Fusion is an innovative treatment that combines collagen regeneration (microneedling) with tailor made skin boosting cocktails, that are chosen bespoke to your skin type and condition. We offer WOW Fusion in Milton Keynes from £180.00.

What is WOW Fusion?

It is a fantastic new treatment and is one of the best ways to achieve firmer, smoother skin that glows and is refreshed and regenerated. Are you looking for a WOW Fusion Clinic? PureMed Aesthetics are your local WOW Fusion clinic in Milton Keynes & Hitchin.

Fantastic, youthful looking skin

WOW Fusion is a form of microneedling, which helps your skin look younger by regenerating collagen again.

Skin hydration and brightening

The serum found in your bespoke cocktail hydrates and improves the texture and tone of your skin, giving you a refound glow.

How much does WOW Fusion cost?

Our treatments start at just £180 at PureMed Aesthetics, and a single treatment can last for up to 3 months with immediate results.

What are the benefits of WOW Fusion?

There are many benefits to be found for anyone seeking younger looking skin.

An innovative treatment that combines Microneedling with a blend of ‘cocktails’ to suit your exact skin compilation, you will notice the effects of our first treatment almost immediately.


Who is the treatment aimed at?

  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dull/tired looking skin
  • Acne scarring
  • & Much more!

Learn more about WOW Fusion 

What is WOW Fusion?

WOW fusion is an innovative device that allows us to create bespoke skincare cocktails and combine these with Microneedling to give you the ultimate skin treatment.

How does the treatment work?

There are 20 thin, gold plated needles in the innovative device that we treat your skin with. The needles are so small that they won’t cause any major discomfort and they easily allow the cocktails to flow down and into your skin.

What are the benefits of WOW Fusion?

WOW Fusion can be used to treat a number of skin conditions and provides the benefit of Microneedling with the addition of Mesotherapy. The results are more youthful looking, brighter, stimulated skin with improved texture and tone.

How long does WOW Fusion last?

The results of each treatment are usually visible straight away and can last for at least 3 months!

How much does WOW Fusion cost?

At Puremed Aesthetics, we offer WOW Fusion treatments from just £180 at our skin clinics in Winslow, Hitchin and Bedford. This means we are your local skin clinc offering WOW Fusion if you live in Milton Keynes & Bedford, as well as further afield to anyone looking for WOW Fusion in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

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We have helped many women rediscover their confidence and feel better about themselves with facial aesthetics in Milton Keynes & Hitchin. Additionally, we are approved stockists of the Arbonne product range and can help you find the correct skincare for your skin type.

Interested in WOW Fusion?

Book an appointment at your nearest PureMed Aesthetics skin clinic today. You can find us in Hitchin and Winslow, and our WOW Fusion treatments start from just £180.00.

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