34a High St, Winslow, MK18 3HB

NEW Treatment – Liquid Facelift’s are here!

34a High St, Winslow, MK18 3HB

NEW Treatment – Liquid Facelift!

Fat Dissolving Injections in Milton Keynes & Hitchin

Say goodbye to bingo wings & double chins.

We offer fat dissolving injections at our skin clinics in Milton Keynes & Hitchin.

If you have stubborn areas of fat that just won’t budge, no matter how hard you try, then this could be the right treatment for you.

Please feel free to contact us in order to book your free consultation so we can help you determine the best treatment suited for you. We have clinics in Winslow, Hitchin and Hitchin, and treat patients across Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Hertfordshire.


Love your body and feel great about how you look.

How do fat injections work? The dissolving solution is injected directly into problem areas, which causes the fat cells to become inactive and the body can then naturally break them down and remove them.

Fat Dissolving injections:

Firmer and tighter skin

Your body will naturally remove the fat

Great for love handles and bingo wings

Prices from just £85 per session

Facial Aesthetics & Skincare Products

We have helped many women rediscover their confidence and feel better about themselves with facial aesthetics in Milton Keynes & Hitchin. Additionally, we are approved stockists of the Arbonne product range and can help you find the correct skincare for your skin type.