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Collagen Boost Facials in Bedford, Buckingham and Hitchin

Treat your skin to something special with a Collagen boost facial.

Our collagen boost facials allows active substances to get into the deeper skin layers, exactly where the skin needs it most.

Normal creams and serums are too thick to be fully absorbed into the skin, which can reduce effectiveness. Our special facial treatment essentially “pushes” the substances into the deeper layers of the skin which helps achieve the desired result.

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Prevent fine lines and enhance your skin with a unique facial.

Our body reduces the amount of natural collagen that it produces as we get older, which is why PureMed Aesthetics offers these special facials to help ensure that your skin gets all of the essential substances that it requires for young, healthy looking skin.

Collagen Boost Facials:

Rich in hyaluronic acid, amino acids and peptides

Boost your skin’s cell regeneration

Prevent fine lines on your face

Prices from just £50 per session

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We have helped many women rediscover their confidence and feel better about themselves with facial aesthetics in Bedford, Buckingham & Hitchin. Additionally, we are approved stockists of the Arbonne product range and can help you find the correct skincare for your skin type.

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